Mike Galvin is the Vice President of Innovation at Tata Communications, a wholesale telecom giant that delivers 25% of the world’s internet routes and operates 70% of the world’s mobile communication. He currently champions both internal and external innovation at the company, leads an internal entrepreneurship program, and works with start-ups and academia. Prior the Innovation team, Mike created an organization within Tata Communications to sell to and partner with the up and coming global high tech community, and he built and nurtured relationships with Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba. He led a team spread across the US, Asia, and India to support these tech customers in the midst of an era of digital disruption and innovation and assist them in meeting their global communication needs. Mike is passionate about working amidst world-class technology companies that are rapidly changing the way we live and connect – and loves being a part of the change. He is also an avid soccer fan, skier, and golfer.