Nathaniel Bischoff – Strategic Advisor & AIMed Superstar

Nathaniel Bischoff is currently the Advanced Fellow in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIMed) at Sharon Disney Lund Foundation’s Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3) at CHOC Children’s. He is working on projects in the domains of machine learning, data visualization, and Internet of Things (IoT) as part of his fellowship. His machine learning projects focus on risk stratification, and tracking over time to help patients and physicians better understand the patient’s health status in non-critical care patients. In the area of data visualization, Nathaniel is focusing on taking these machine learning insights into intuitive interfaces that will allow the health care team to see a full picture of a patient’s previous and current statuses without interfering in the workflow. He is also completing a project that will begin to build the infrastructure of an IoT within CHOC Children’s machinery. Nathaniel has a pleasure of being on the planning committee of AIMed 2017, focusing on the Startup Network.

Nathaniel is fortunate enough to work with a number of passionate and talented teams comprising of CHOC physicians, associates, interns, and executives while collaborating with our corporate and academic partners. Before officially joining MI3, Nathaniel was a part-time data analyst in Information Systems at CHOC Children’s. Nathaniel is also currently finishing his Masters of Sciences in Computational and Data Sciences with a focus in Bioinformatics at Chapman University’s Schmid College of Science and Technology. He completed his Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Computer Science and Informatics at the same institution. Nathaniel was a lead intern of MI3 Summer Internship during his undergraduate years. He shares the vision of many other pioneers in medical intelligence that data scientists and health care professionals must collaborate together. Nathaniel is optimistic and confident that medical intelligence will amplify human intelligence to solve our biggest challenges in medicine.