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The essential 2021 AI Index Report

We've digested the 222 pages so you don't have to! Highlights and takeaways from the essential resource from the Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) center at Stanford


Sudhen Desai – Radiology

Fascinating discussion with Sudhen Desai, MD, FSIR Internventional Radiologist, Texas Children’s  Hospital

4 minutes

Chiranjiv Singh – Radiology

Informal interview with Chiranjiv Singh, Chief Commercial Officer, Qure AI

4 minutes

John Rumsfeld – Cardiology

Insightful chat with John Rumsfeld, Chief Innovation Officer and Professor of Medicine

4 minutes

Casey Culbertson – Cardiology

Enlightening conversation with Casey Culbertson MD, CV Medical Director, GE Healthcare

4 minutes