Andrew Ballas

2019-11-19 07:00:49 (GMT) Background:
Hospitals across the world rely on the expertise of many doctors and specialists to deliver the best possible care to their patients. However, complex cases often draw in several teams of providers, rendering it difficult for all physicians to communicate efficiently and work together to maximize their patients’ outcomes. Much of this difficulty in communication stems from the lack of face-to- face interaction between physicians due to the separation of specialties and use of electronic messaging.

RIFT, or the Rounding Information Functional Tracker is an Artificial Intelligence device that allows all healthcare professionals to locate rounding teams on the hospital floor. The RIFT is a two part system which consists of a physical device located on the door of the patient room and an online application available to all providers on the healthcare network. When activated by a provider, the device will listen to rounds with a microphone and update the team location to the application. With natural language processing and access to the Electronic Medical Records, RIFT will be able to estimate how long providers will be at the patient’s bedside and will be able to display this on the network-wide application.

The functional tracking of rounding teams in the hospital will promote a more unified approach to healthcare delivery by increasing the accessibility of face-to-face interaction between physicians. With access to RIFT, all consulting physicians, nurses, or other providers are able to set a schedule to allow themselves to be at the bedside during rounding to speak with and collaborate with the rounding team. Face-to-face interaction as opposed to electronic messages will allow providers to clarify any confusion or dissonance within the healthcare team. Reducing the rate of communication error will increase the quality and safety of care for all patients.