The winners of AIMed’s inaugural AI Champions Awards, proudly sponsored by Masimo, have been announced!

In recognition of the outstanding people and organisations that have helped drive the transformative agenda of AI in medicine and healthcare, the AIMed panel have selected the following winners from this year’s hugely competitive field:


AI Champion Clinician 2020

Awarded to the clinician who has done the most to support the health AI agenda

Winner: ERIC TOPOL, MD, Executive VP, Scripps Research


AI Champion Non-clinician 2020

Awarded to the non-clinician who has done the most to support the health AI agenda

Winner: JEREMY HOWARD, Founder,


AI Rising Star 2020

Awarded to the individual who has the greatest potential for the future

Winner: ADDISON GEARHART, MD, PhD, Clinical Fellow in Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital


AI Hospital / Institution of the Year 2020

Awarded to the hospital or institution which has done the most outstanding work in deployment of AI



Best COVID-19 AI Solution

Awarded to the organization which has deployed the best AI-powered response to Covid-19



The awards are the first in what will become an annual event. “There has never been a more important time to shine a light on the brilliant work of our healthcare colleagues,” said AIMed CEO, Freddy White.

“Despite the ongoing global pandemic, AI in medicine and healthcare continues to go from strength to strength. So we wanted to launch the AI Champions awards to honour and thank these brilliant and innovative professionals who are blazing a trail. Their work often goes unheralded so we’re proud to be able to publicly salute them in this way.”

Receiving his award, AI Champion Clinician winner, Eric Topol, said; “I’m very appreciative of the recognition by AIMed. It’s still very early in the era of AI to transform medicine; there’s so much work to do to actualize its extraordinary potential.”

AI Champion Non-clinician award winner Jeremy Howard added; “I’m thrilled to be recognized by such an impactful and established organization. As someone with neither a PhD nor an MD, I hope that this award may help the AI and medical community break out of the academic credentialism that is still quite widespread. AI and medicine thrive when the community is diverse and open.”

Dr. Curtis Langlotz from the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging (AIMI), Stanford, winners of AI Hospital/Institution of the Year, said; “We are so happy to receive this award on behalf of the amazing AIMI Center staff and over 100 exceptional faculty researchers with laboratories in more than 20 Stanford departments. Matt Lungren and I look forward to celebrating with Anthony Chang on Monday!”

Stanford AIMI Co-Director Dr. Matthew Lungren, added; “It is such an honor to receive this AIMed award for the work of the Stanford AIMI center. Since the beginning we’ve believed that building a multidisciplinary collaborative community across Stanford and partners in academics and industry would lead to great things in advancing the field of clinical artificial intelligence. Even though we have grown substantially, we’re especially proud to have remained true to our core values, focused on cutting edge science, open-source resources for research and education, and fostering a vibrant (and fun!) environment where domain experts from many areas can contribute to advancing AI in healthcare for everyone.”

On winning the award for Best COVID-19 AI Solution, Dr. Rizwan Malik, Clinical Lead for Radiology at the Royal Bolton Hospital, commented, “I am delighted to lead on this project and as a team we are thrilled at our hard work being recognised by industry leaders and peers. We feel energised and motivated to continue to use innovative methods to help our patients and colleagues. qXR from Qure.AI continues to help our clinicians with patient management and we have extended our use case to include advanced features such as checking lines and tubes. Recent studies show qXR’s benefit in decision support as an independent predictor in the manner we deployed at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust. I am sure this award will inspire us and others to further pursue innovation and transformation in healthcare.”

AI Rising Star winner Dr. Addison Gearhart said; “I want to say thank you to AIMed for honoring me with this award. I am grateful to be part of such a great team and look forward to collaborating more in the future.”

“Congratulations to the winners and all who were shortlisted for their amazing achievements,’ said Joe Kiani, CEO of award sponsors Masimo. “We’re so proud to support the AIMed Al Champion awards, which promote and recognize efforts to advance AI within the healthcare space.”

The awards announced today will kick start a week of events celebrating the achievements. From Monday 7th December, there will be four special mini-events, each featuring a keynote from the award winners, followed by a Q&A with AIMed founder Dr. Anthony Chang.

These events will also include a panel discussion on the following topics:

  • Education of AI in healthcare – Monday December 7 at 11am EST
  • COVID recovery strategies using AI – Tuesday December 8 at 11am EST
  • The ethics of AI in healthcare – Thursday December 10 at 11am EST
  • Extended reality and other future applications of AI in healthcare – Friday December 11 at 11am EST


Register here for all the events:

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Meet the winners 

Eric Topol – AI Champion Clinician

Eric is the Founder and Director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, Professor, Molecular Medicine, and Executive Vice-President of Scripps Research. As a researcher, he has published over 1,200 peer-reviewed articles, with more than 280,000 citations, elected to the National Academy of Medicine, and is one of the top 10 most cited researchers in medicine. His principal scientific focus has been on the genomic and digital tools to individualize medicine.

He is also principal investigator for a flagship $35M NIH grant to promote innovation in medicine. He was the founder of a new medical school at Cleveland Clinic, Lerner College of Medicine, with Case Western University. He has published 3 bestseller books on the future of medicine and was commissioned by the UK in 2018-2019 to lead planning for the National Health Service’s integration of AI and new technologies.


Jeremy Howard – AI Champion Non-clinician

Jeremy is a data scientist, researcher, developer, educator, and entrepreneur. A founding researcher at, a research institute dedicated to making deep learning more accessible, he is also a Distinguished Research Scientist at the University of San Francisco, the chair of WAMRI and is Chief Scientist at

His ability to demystify AI and make it accessible to the general public have seen him make many media appearances around the world. Jeremy has invested in, mentored, and advised numerous startups, and contributed to many open source projects. He is also a co-founder of the global Masks4All movement.


Addison Gearhart – AI Rising Star

Dr. Addison Gearhart is a Fellow in Pediatric Cardiology at Boston Children’s Hospital. Despite her rigorous training program, she has been able to take part in a number of research initiatives aimed at using AI to drive innovation in the field of pediatrics. She started a machine learning working group on top of her daily work in the cardiology department and is using it as a platform to communicate and collaborate with other faculties.

Addison’s enthusiasm for AI knows no bounds and she is excited to see what the next chapter for AI in healthcare holds, believing collaboration is the key to advancing AI to the next level. She is currently working on building a view classification model for pediatric echocardiograms.



AI Hospital/Institution of the Year – AIMI, Stanford

The Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging (AIMI), Stanford has been an interdisciplinary think-tank since its inception in April 2018, working to solve clinically important challenges via the use of new AI methods.

Drawing on Stanford’s interdisciplinary expertise in clinical medical imaging, bioinformatics, statistics, electrical engineering, and computer science, the AIMI Center supports the development, evaluation and dissemination of new AI methods applied across the medical imaging life cycle.

Its in-house deep learning algorithm – CheXNeXt, developed by Associate Director Dr. Matthew Lungren and his team is able to concurrently detect 14 diseases in chest radiographs.

The Center also curated and released large medical imaging datasets for global research and education and initiated a seed grant program to encourage more researchers to use AI to address diverse clinical problems.



Best Covid-19 AI Solution – Royal Bolton Hospital, UK

When COVID-19 hit the UK, Dr. Rizwan Malik, Clinical Lead for Radiology at the Royal Bolton Hospital, was planning to test qXR, an AI-driven chest x-ray system developed by, to prevent patients from waiting long hours for a specialist to examine their x-rays.

Early studies revealed some severe COVID-19 cases would exhibit unique lung anomalies that are similar to viral pneumonia. Since medical facilities are not able to accommodate everyone with symptoms for a RT-PCR test, studying their chest x-rays became a triage shortcut. Dr. Malik jumped at the opportunity and proposed to re-tool qXR into a COVID-19 detection machine to assist in the initial reading of chest x-rays.

He continues to work closely with the team, introducing new features to improve the tool.