John Kao started Alignment Health five years ago because of the confusion his mother had to undergo after hospitalization. As the admission was due to an urgent heart condition, Kao’s mother had no time to communicate with her primary care doctor. Similarly, the hospital was not told of the kind of medications prescribed to Kao’s mother by her primary care doctor before the admission.

“When she got discharged, no one knew anything”, Kao told Business Insider. As such, Kao had to act as his mother’s caretaker, by communicating the situation to both the primary care doctor as well as the nurses who come to visit his mother. That was when Kao derived at the idea of creating a medical concierge.

As part of Medicare Advantage, as long as the patient is a member of the Alignment’s health plan, he or she will be attended by one of the Alignment’s doctors in the hospital and the doctor will act as the patient’s concierge and communicate the situation with other doctors in and out of the hospital.

Recently, the company had collaborated with Vivify Health, a remote care platform and Samsung Galaxy tablets, to expand its “patient-centered medical home” concept. The trio will keep a record of the patient’s daily health via devices which capture data from weight, blood pressure, and patient will also have to answer a series of related questions.

By doing so, any abnormalities will be raised at once by the concierge. This will help to ease the burden of primary care doctor and also to keep patient from accessing emergency service for minor problems in the case when their primary doctor is not available.

“Within the Medicare population, 20% of patients are considered ‘chronically frail’ and account for 80% of health dollars spent. We assist primary care providers by taking on the management of their chronically frail patients, ensuring they get the extra attention they need”, said Arta Bakshandeh, senior medical officer of Alignment Healthcare.

Dr. Bakshandeh will be joined by other innovative professionals to share what they have done to the present healthcare system with an AI concierge and how do they do it again to ensure the best of all patients.

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Session Focus: “How We Did It” and “How We Can Do It”

When: Thursday, December 13th 2018 (15.30-16.30)

Find out what are some of significant results AI had brought to the medical sector and how can we generate the present success to the next one.

Attendees will gain the following knowledge:

Learn some of the medical breakthrough brought by AI from field experts.

Review the advantages of adopting AI and examine its possible challenges.

Insiders’ guide and advice to how to make the best out of AI and what are some of the common mistakes initiators have to be aware of. 

Benefit from the first-hand information given by industrial experts.


Arta Bakshandeh, Senior Medical Officer, Alignment Healthcare, USA

Joelle Poe, Director, Product Management, Alignment Healthcare LLC, USA

Paul Dwyer, Product Owner, Alignment Healthcare LLC, USA

Pei Ni Jone, Associate Professor, Pediatrics-Cardiology, School of Medicine, University of Colorado, USA

Esteban Rubens, Global Enterprise Imaging Principal, Pure Storage, USA

Peter Chang, Director, Center for AI in Diagnostic Medicine, UC Irvine Health and CEO, Avicenna,ai, USA

Allison Hill, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, USA

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