A digital NHS (National Health Service) could be one of the most profound healthcare revolutions in history.

The UK’s NHS sees 1,000,000 patients every 36 hours and has 1,205,949 employees, as published by NHS Digital.

It is already one of the best healthcare services anywhere in the world, providing for all regardless of ability to pay.

However, like any healthcare system it is slow to change and held back by legacy systems, in many cases still paper-based.

To unlock the true potential of all the patient data in the NHS, and provide a streamlined service which can relieve the pressure on NHS clinicians and prevent burnout, the path towards a digital NHS needs to be established.

Now Dr Indra Joshi, Digital Health & AI Clinical Lead, NHS England is calling a summit on this issue at AIMed Europe 2018.

Indra Joshi, leading a digital NHS

Dr Joshi has said: “Machine learning and intelligent systems bring with them so many questions that we have yet to determine the answers to – who owns the data, is that data good enough, what of the governance, what happens when something goes wrong is it the clinician’s fault or the developer’s?”

“However, they also offer some great merits in health: they can analyse data consistently inferring patterns, over time learn behaviours offering personalised insights, reduce human errors by considering multiple touch points, but for me most crucially they free up time.”

How to sign up to a session on digital NHS

Dr Joshi will give an overview of the latest information and technology transformation initiatives, being pioneered by the NHS on day one of AIMed Europe, Tuesday 11th September. The session will provide attendees with a review of the effective and rapid progress to-date and provide insights into the envisaged digital programmes of the future (that will enable clinicians to work smarter/more securely to ensure patients receive world-class care and services).

You can register for the conference here.