One of AIMed largest events of the year, AIMed Europe 2019 will take place at Shoreditch Town Hall, London between 17 and 19 September. This year’s theme is “Be part of the Revolution: Transforming healthcare with AI”. It reflects AIMed’s continuous effort to gather multi-disciplinary groups of medical professionals, technology experts, healthcare leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, patients, and their families, who are passionate about artificial intelligence (AI) and related new technologies and are devoted to transform medicine from evidence-based to intelligence-based. 

Agenda at a glance 

Attendees are expected to meet more than 80 expert speakers, 25 exhibitors, and numerous delegates from around the World over workshops, panel discussions, social events, and networking sessions. Some of the events lined-up for our guests include: 

Concurrent Workshops 

These are deep-dive and hands-on sessions in which participants can choose to attend the sub-specialty topics, ranging from AI in cardiology; to AI for precision oncology, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and imaging in radiology, that most interest them and learn from our expert speakers in an informal, interactive, and classroom setting.  

Plenary Sessions 

These are key-notes and panel discussions whereby a bigger topic, policy, or recent developments in different countries across Europe will be touched upon. Some of the highlights are: 

  • Opening keynote: Transforming clinical innovation, an update of NHS England’s AI, digital and clinical entrepreneurship programs by Dr. Tony Young, National Clinical Lead for Innovation, NHS England.  
  • Accelerating from reactive to proactive hospital care: Evaluating the latest practical applications, successes, and roadblocks of implementing AI and machine learning across the Netherlands, by various speakers. 
  • An overview of the latest innovation in AI and data science at Europe’s largest children’s hospital, by physicians and clinicians of Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Italy. 
  • Transforming Switzerland’s healthcare system – developing a global standard for AI in medicine by experts from University Hospital Bern, Widmer & Partners, and PwC Switzerland. 
  • Are we ready for AI: Exploring the complex themes of ethics, data, and blockchain by groups of physicians from the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) 

Presentation of the latest research and findings across AI in medicine – a spotlight on the UK by researchers from Oxford University, Imperial College London, Alan Turing Institute, and University College London 

Networking hour 

Lunch, dinner, welcome drinks and rooftop party are times when guests are free to mingle among themselves, to ask their burning questions, or to establish friendship and collaboration in a more intimate and relaxed setting. 

Ipsos and AIMed Drug Adherence Challenge 

Ipsos and AIMed will be launching a year-long study with different technology partners, medical professionals, and patients, to trial new solutions and learn more about the challenges coming from drug adherence. A comprehensive study result is set to release in September 2020. The Challenge will officially kick start on the first day of AIMed Europe and it is now accepting ideas and recruiting members for its ethics committee and mentorship program. More information can be found on AIMed Blog or the Challenge’s official site.

Who should attend? 

AIMed Europe 2019 is a top event of its type in Europe. We are dedicating three full days to explore in-depth AI-inspired transformative technologies and their impacts on our present healthcare systems and policies. It is also a platform designed to showcase the latest thinking and facilitate new idea formation and partnerships. 

As such, whether you are a physician, clinician, medical professional, hospital leader, innovator, technology solution provider, researcher, data scientist, entrepreneur, patient or caregiver, AIMed Europe 2019 can’t wait to meet you. Book now on AIMed Europe 2019 official site, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to check out the latest promotion and delegate discount. A more detailed AIMed Europe 2019 agenda can be found here.

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