AIMed Europe day one featured a compelling argument for moving beyond medicine as an art towards a data driven science from one of Europe’s leading reseachers in medical artificial intelligence and medicine.

Matthieu Komorowski, Consultant in Intensive Care and Machine Learning researcher at Imperial College London, raised the roof in a searing indictment of ‘medicine as an art’.

Dr Komorowski asked the crowd to explain what the term ‘art of medicine’ means.

He said: “‘Art of medicine’ means we don’t know what we’re doing.

“If rocket science was an art then buildings would crumble, rockets would never make it to space.”

Speaking to an audience of over 200 clinicians and healthcare professionals, Dr Komorowski went on to say that tools like artificial intelligence were essential for making sense of healthcare data.

The PhD candidate, who has written in a new AIMed ebook about the importance of developing the acceptance of AI among clinicians, said it was imperative to bring medicine into a new era of intelligence-based care.

Dr Komorowski said: “We must go beyond medicine as an art and move to an era of medicine as a data driven science.”

Responding to Dr Komorowski, Dr Anthony Chang said he agreed that medicine needed to become more evidence-based, however he advocated for balance.

Dr Chang said: “At the end of the day there needs to be a healthy balance.

“I agree we need more data driven solutions in medicine.

“However, the future of AI in healthcare and medicine is going to be incorporating the essential human elements of imagination and creativity.”

Dr Anthony Chang and Dr Komorowski have both written their views in Ebooks for AIMed on artificial intelligence in medicine.

In his article, The Challenge is in the Acceptance of AI, Dr Komorowski said: “Further than simply creating genius machines, future developments in AI must include maturing the rules and  the culture that will enable AI to function according to our common values.

“This, in return, will generate trust and boost acceptability, for the ultimate benefit of our NHS patients.”

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