AIMed chairman and founder, Dr. Anthony Chang, will be speaking at this year’s Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference. Taking place between 11 and 15 February in Orlando, Florida, HIMSS 2019 will bring together over 45,000 healthcare and technology professionals, as well as executives and vendors from around the World. 

Dr. Chang will be a keynote speaker for “Machine Learning & AI for Healthcare”, a special program to be held at Rosen Centre Hotel (Junior Ballroom) on 11 February at 8.35am local time. He will be discussing synergies between man and machine. As an AI expert, Dr. Chang is passionate about using innovations to change the global landscape of healthcare for both adults and children; physicians and patients. 

First hand insights into one of the biggest healthcare events of the year 

In his talk, Dr. Chang will highlight the impacts of data science and AI in the form of deep learning on medical image interpretations and decision support. Dr. Chang believes in the long run, AI and its related new technology will assist in mitigating physician burnout by minimising the administrative burden coming from electronic health record (EHR). Overall, AI will also improve medical education and automates quality improvement. 

Besides, cognitive architecture and other advanced deep learning methodologies will allow AI to push medicine and healthcare to a higher level. “Medical intelligence” is the future, as technology, medicine and human form an intimate conglomeration. Indeed, recent years both HIMSS and the healthcare sector witness a growing emergence and influence of AI. 

Ian E. Hoffberg, applied innovation manager, healthcare information systems of HIMSS told AIMed that the idea of ‘intelligence machines” was first inculcated into HIMSS in 2016. At that time, the topic of AI in healthcare was still raw but HIMSS was determined to introduce it to its attendees and provide relevant resources. 

Champions of health unite 

The effort was well received and from HIMSS 2017 onwards, AI was fully integrated into HIMSS annual conference. This year, the theme is “Champions of health unite”. HIMSS is not only focusing on healthcare diversity and collaboration but AI continues to play a crucial role in every part of the conference and exhibition. 

For examples, as mentioned by Hoffberg, there will be symposiums, workshops, forums and seminars set aside to explore the ethics of AI in healthcare, how AI reduces clinical variation, cybersecurity, obtaining new research funding and the ways in which AI is driving diagnosis and treatments etc. 

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