AIMed founder and chief intelligence and innovation officer of Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), Dr. Anthony Chang, will be speaking at the upcoming 2019 summit on AI (artificial intelligence) in healthcare

Taking place between 28 and 29 March at the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate, Florida, the summit focuses on bringing together a conglomerate of leaders and professionals from medicine, technology and finance, to openly discuss opportunities and challenges that AI has brought to the present day healthcare industry. 

Insights and misconceptions of AI in healthcare

Dr. Chang is one of the featured speakers for this event and he will give audience an insights into the common misconceptions and future directions of AI in medicine on the morning of 28 March. Mainly, Dr. Chang will share an overview of the history of AI, how data, AI and deep learning interact as a trinity, as well as to differentiate the hype and reality of what AI can actually do. 

Earlier on, Dr. Chang had expressed that there has been a recurrent misunderstanding for healthcare professionals to believe AI will take over their jobs. AI may be efficient in data analytics and medical image interpretations. However, they are not comparable with human in terms of creative problem solving and complex decision making. As such, what is likely to happen in near future is: healthcare professionals will not be replaced by robots but someone who understands robots. 

What else to look forward to

Nonetheless, Dr. Chang feels that the sector is still massively confronted by the lack of adequate data infrastructure and seamless integration of AI into healthcare workflow. Apart from Dr. Chang, the AI in healthcare summit is fueled with many other meaningful contents. From the use of chatbots, machine learning, to precision medicine and the candid presentation of “Data Scientists are from Mars, Clinicians are from Venus”.  

Business Research & Intelligence (BRI) Network specializes in holding conferences and events in the areas of healthcare, biotechnology, finance and other related industries. Based in Manchester, New Jersey, the BRI Network holds regular forums for experts to share their views on various issues. More details of summit can be found here. Please also stay tune as AIMed brings you more news other AI in healthcare events. Do follow us on TwitterInstagram, Facebook and Youtube for instant updates.

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