Just like the variety program, AIMed’s Shark Tank also welcomes an array of business pitches, preferably around the area of healthcare and new technology. This year, startups are encouraged to detail their ideas in no more than 500 words. The competition closed on 15 November and the seven finalists were announced four days ago.

The main purpose of this contest is not only to provide a platform for innovators or game changers to showcase their ideas but also ensure that they materialize as potential collaborators and investors listen out for how they are about to make a different.

The seven finalists

Of which, Diagnoss, which embarked last year in Berkeley aims to provide healthcare analytics for institutions to reduce coding errors and physicians’ time spent on digitizing medical records. Expyhealth set out to use technology in an effective manner to bridge the gap between care providers and patients. Pixm takes on the role to be the World’s first to employ computer vision technology to put a stop to phishing attacks while Pocus or Point of Care Ultrasounds is improving the present portable ultrasonography.

Unanimous.ai takes pride in their nature inspired “Swarm” technology to provide users with predictive guidance as well as empowering them with colletive intelligence. Vivid Genomics leveraged on non-invasive diagnostic tools to locate neurodegenerative disease pathologies, its responses to drugs and progression rates. Last but not least, WiseIOT.

Company introduction is one thing and competition plus their respective business plans is another. It will be great if you are here for the conference to find out more, otherwise, do stay tune for more updates on AIMed.

Session Focus: Shark Tank Pitch Event

When: Thursday, December 13th 2018 (18:00-19:30)

Seven finalists will be showcasing their innovations before an international agglomerate of clinicians, technology experts, hospital leaders, investors and media.

Attendees will gain the following knowledge:

Learn about the creative ideas out there and what makes a good AI in medicine business pitch.

Find out the motivations and reasons behind each innovation and practical ways to realize them.

Discover the latest artificial intelligence in medicine trends. How each pitch is attune to them or bringing them further.

Benefit from comments and feedbacks given by judges and attendees during the event. Who knows if the next big idea is just right there.


Arlen Meyers, President and CEO, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, USA

David Friedman, Co-Founder, C-Level Partners, USA

Steve Ardire, AI Startup Advisor, USA

Leila Entezam, EQ-Centered Design Consultant, LEZAM. IT, USA

Nicole Washington, Director of Innovation and Growth, OCTANe OC, USA

Lolita Taub, Principal, Backstage Capital, USA

You can sign up for this session here.