The 44thedition of Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre and the Conrad Hotel at the moment. Lasting between 28 and 31 January, the annual conference and trade show is expecting more than 84,500 attendees from 160 countries. Over 4000 exhibitors will also be showcasing their latest technology, devices and services. 

AIMed team is reporting live from Dubai. Thus far, our new managing editor – Damian Doherty has been speaking with distinguished guests including Dr. Hamed Al Hashemi from UAE’s department of health, Jörg Aumüller of Siemens Healthineers, and Jeroen Tas, chief innovation and strategy officer of Phillips. We will be uploading all interview videos on our Youtube channel shortly. Meanwhile, please follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates. 

Our new managing editor – Damian Doherty speaking about Arab Health 2019

What’s new? 

Arab Health is one of the biggest healthcare events in the World with the aim to bring the international healthcare industry to the Middle East. The 11 conferences span over the four days are all CME (Continuing Medical Education) accredited. This year, a new feature – the Innovation Hub is set up for guests to immerse themselves in the latest developments revolving around disease management, home care and telemedicine. 

The organizer believes it is the right time to introduce creativity. For the past few years, there has been a steady grow of startups and companies which are eager to offer new products and services to shape the future of healthcare. It will not be long before manufacturers and healthcare providers find themselves in the competition to innovate. 

The Innovation Hub is also the venue for Innov8 Talks, a daily program whereby eight companies will be given eight minutes each, to present their pitch to a panel of experts. Four different themes are set aside for other keynote speakers to discuss topics around artificial intelligence (AI), digital medicine and genomics. 

An effort to recognize real transformations 

The first ever Global Health Pioneer Awards was given out on 27 January, the evening before the start of Arab Health 2019 Congress. The award was a joint-collaboration between Arab Health, UAE genetics disease association and Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato (GSD), the leading private hospital group in Italy. 

The award set out to recognize the game-changers and leaders of the field. Recipients include practitioners and researchers from around the globe. All of whom had put in exceptional effort to improve the quality and equality of healthcare. 

The Congress also set up country pavilions for guests to further explore what each participating country can offer in healthcare. For example, the UK pavilion organized by the association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) is exhibiting a medical software that helps to increase the reliance of patients undergoing therapy, by turning related cognitive exercises into video games. Apart from that, the pavilion is also displaying an online self-management platform which allows diabetic patients to monitor their condition at home. 

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