It’s near four years since former President Obama launched the Precision Medicine Initiative in January 2015. Over the years, the sector had moved from gene sequencing to the use of data and deep learning to generate personalized treatments. The global Precision Medicine market is believed to reach an estimated $141 billion by 2026.

The US healthcare system wasted $1.2 trillion spending annually, with an approximate 40% attributed to unnecessary medical procedures, thus, Precision Medicine has long seen as a viable option to prevent surplus.

Oncology may still dominate the next generation of Precision Medicine; to shorten the trial and error process of developing patent drugs and produce economical and effective solutions for cancer patients. Nevertheless, lifestyle driven chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression may provide a new window for researchers to utilize both external and internal factors to create targeted treatments.

In general, the trend of Precision Medicine may move towards preventive treatments. High risks individuals may be single out before an onset of a medical condition and be given advice. Pioneers and innovators in the field of Precision Medicine will come together and share their thoughts on how the industry will develop over the next decades. Attendees will also be able to share their queries and views during the dedicated Q&A time.

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Session Focus: Update on Precision Medicine

When: Friday, December 14th 2018 (10.15-11.00)

A brief but profound session to forecast the up and coming trends of Precision Medicine, its challenges and how will its development impact the relationships of AI and medicine.

Attendees will gain the following knowledge:

An insight into the present industry and how will it develop in the coming years.

Learn about the latest oncology and non-oncology targeted treatments and other potentials.

Discover through insiders, Precision Medicine’s evolvement from personalized to preventive treatments.

Benefit from first hand insights of companies involved in cutting edge developments.


Gini Deshpande, Founder and CEO, NuMedii Inc., USA

Spyro Mousses, CEO, Systems Oncology, USA

Prasun Mishra, CEO, Agility Pharmaceuticals, USA

Diane Nugent, Chief of Hematology, CHOC, USA

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