Philips and Healthpoint, the medical and healthcare channel of Caixin Media, released a “China AI+ Healthcare Industry Report” in August. The 37-pages long analysis underlined the booming market size of China’s AI med industry, which had matured more than 40% over the past five years, with an approximate 130-billion RMB (18 billion US dollar) in 2017.

In the first quarter of 2018, 18 Chinese AI med enterprises had received over 31-billion RMB (4 billion US dollar) of financing.

The report also mentioned 61% of the country’s AI med start-up chose to focus on assistive technology, while the rest are interested in hospital management, uncovering new drugs, surgical tools improvement, and other areas of healthcare. On the other hand, tycoons like Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent are putting their emphasis on data and cloud computing.

Guochuang Zhao, Healthpoint’s operation director told Xinhua this August that China is in a unique position: her population permits a sufficiently large data base; a cornerstone for AI med development in general. This massive manpower also assures a sustainable labor supply.

However, under the promise, there also lies the remnant of the recent vaccine scandal and the fact that formal health and safety AI med guidelines in China are still work in progress, so what kind of risks are investors bearing when they eye on their slice of the AI med pie in the far east?

A group of investment, medical and technology experts from China and US will be sharing their views; to discuss the emerging Chinese AI med market, its arms race with other countries, and analyze various strategies potential investors may adopt for their ventures.

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Session Focus: AI Med and Investment

When: Friday, November 9th 2018 (16.00-17.00)

A special session highlighting the general trends, leading brands, know-how, benefits and uncertainties of investing in China’s AI med industry.

Attendees will gain the following knowledge on the industry:

Learn about the recent AI med development in China; specially, which area and where in China create the best opportunities for investment and financing.

Insight into one of the most rapidly growing industries in Asia and first-hand information into its policies, economic culture, and valuable advice from local experts.

Understand the nature of investment and financing of Asia, especially China. What are some of China’s natural advantages to permit its AI med industry growth?

Benefit from experts’ opinions and garner guidance from insiders.


Anthony Chang, Chairman and Founder, AI Med, Global

Xianrong Zheng, Senior partner & technology consultant, Bojiang Capital, China

Uny Cao, Vice-President, Zhejiang Intellectual Property Exchange, China

Freddy White, CEO, AI Med, USA

Steve Roesing, CEO, ASMGi, USA

Yizhao Zhang, Vice-President, Microsoft Research Asia, China

Jin Wang, Founder, Manhattan Investment, China

Download the full agenda for AIMed Asia here.