The future of medicine is tailored, bespoke care for each patient at an individual level, and deep learning (DL) is one of the tools which will allow healthcare to reach this lofty goal.

Currently healthcare is burdened by unconnected legacy systems and electronic medical record (EMR) machines which don’t allow for joined up thinking throughout the patient experience.

Patients aren’t understood in any profound way, which leads to decisions based on astonishingly small amounts of data and creates the potential for clinical error.

The tool which will connect the dots in the patient journey is DL, a subset of artificial intelligence.

DL will one day be able to learn about a patient based on a wellspring of available data regarding patient history and the corpus of literature on a disease built by clinicians around the world.

Clinicians will be empowered to make intelligence-based decisions, unlocking insights which we can only imagine today.

And patients will benefit from a truly personalized healthcare system deliver precision medicine tailored to their unique needs.

Executives in the European digital health space are flocking together to accelerate the implementation of DL at AIMed Europe, 2018 (11-13th September).

Session Focus: Deep learning and precision medicine 

When: Wednesday September 12th (12.00-12.40)

Tailored healthcare for individuals is the future and the ramification of deep learning to facilitate personalized care is set to transform healthcare.

Attendees will gain the following knowledge:

Learn how precision medicine will develop through deep learning/ AI (in areas such as ophthalmology, oncology, cardiology)

Review the full impact of deep learning on the 3 “P’s” (Prevention, Personalization & Precision)

Understand what impact precision medicine will have on the future role and authority of the clinician

Benefit by hearing from & meeting leading precision medicine stakeholders

Moderated byDr. Spyro Mousses, CEO, Systems Oncology

SpeakersJackie Hunter, CEO, BenevolentBio

Noor Shaker, Co-founder and CEO, GTN

Download the full agenda for AIMed Europe here.