After British prime minister Theresa May pledged thousands of pounds worth of funding for artificial intelligence (AI) to detect cancer earlier, the question on everyone’s lips has been: how will this money be used to begin implementation into clinical settings in the National Health Service (NHS)?

The Topol Review, led by American researcher Eric Topol, is currently investigating this pivotal question – but clarity is still in short supply when we consider the following questions:

  1. How can AI be introduced into the existing legacy systems in the NHS?
  2. Which staff in the NHS will require retraining to use AI?
  3. What will be the regulatory process introduced to ensure patient safety is guaranteed?

A team of practicing clinicians and world-renowned researchers in AI and medicine are teaming up to bring answers to professionals working in this space.

Audiences will be empowered with exclusive statistics and case studies which will clearly demonstrate what is and isn’t possible for the NHS today, and what the future could hold.

This event will take place at AIMed Europe, 2018 (11-13th September)

Session Focus: Implementation of AI in the NHS: what’s the reality?
When: Wednesday September 12th (10.00-10.40)

How can the NHS become more efficient and deliver better outcomes for patients through AI? And what are the main barriers (and solutions) to implementing related technologies.

Attendees will gain the following knowledge:

  • Learnabout strategies developed to support adoption of AI-inspired technologies & innovation
  • Hear about the governance and ethical structures needed to facilitate wider usage of AI
  • Understand the plans in place to secure and retain public trust as adoption is accelerated
  • Identify skillsneeded to equip the workforce (in the AI future)

Moderated byVivienne Parry, Writer & broadcaster

Speakers: Noel Gordon, Chairman, NHS Digital (HSCIC)

Tony Young, National Clinical Lead for Innovation, NHS England

Dr. Harpreet Sood, Associate Chief Clinical Information Officer, NHS England

Download the full agenda for AIMed Europe here.