Like most others, I am curious of how AI transcends, takes form and solves problems. However, I am more curious to find out how AI empowers the Batman and Superman of today rather than the forecasted vision to create a Transformer or a Death star in the future.

Of the many applications of AI, healthcare has generally acknowledged to be the single largest beneficiary. Alan Greens, Chief Medical Officer of Scanadu (a startup that is building a diagnostic device inspired by the Star Trek medical tricorder and powered by an AI cloud software) says “I believe something like Watson will soon be the world’s best diagnostician – whether machine or human”

So what exactly do I mean by focusing on today vs. not focusing on the future for now? In simple terms, it is very critical for us to get to the challenge of solving – lack of access first before solving cost and quality in a country like India.

With every passing day, the burden of lack of access is piling up into a box full of challenges, which when left unaddressed would end up becoming a mammoth burden to even imagine, forget solving.

To put this to perspective, out of pocket health expenses drove 55 million Indians – more than the population of South Korea, Spain or Kenya into poverty in 2011-12, and of these 38 million (69%) were impoverished by expenditure on medicine alone. To me, problems around population getting wiped out over an annual calendar are more critical to Doctors getting replaced by AI tomorrow.

Focusing on the present day impact of AI, the following challenges are those that I believe really require the augmenting hand of AI:

Solving the problem of access to healthcare

Making an earlier diagnosis for cancer

Providing preventive healthcare


pwc india artificial intelligence healthcare medicineDr Vijay Raaghavan – Associate Director, PwC Healthcare’s south India practice

Let me do away with the usual style of using the third person narration style. I am a homosapien who seeks and derives inspiration from broad range of scintillating things that happen around me- be it some exceptional work of a team , an engaging art, distinctively designed product, success & extraordinary contribution of others or be it something as unusual as watching the path a bird flying from its take off till it disappears .Firmly believe that “life is a magic” and each one of us have a fair share to make it magical for all .Attempt my best to capture all that fascinates & inspires me through my posts that usually carry the tag #lifeisamagic or #futureofuture.

At PwC, I anchor the healthcare practice for the South of India and work closely with the firm’s leaders & young minds in helping organisations like GE, Apollo,Khazanah,Roche – chart their transformation path to helping startups -define , incubate & bring to life their business value proposition to the market. The most exciting part of my work is the learnings I have when I exchange notes with budding startups, next generation healthcare entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs who built firms that have lasted a century.

I am particularly excited about the evolving healthcare market models around Digital -AI, Platform, AR,VR, Crypto, Blockchain , Opportunities around Customers to Business (C2B) ,and their amalgamation with traditional brick & mortar models.