Modern medicine departmentalized hospitals for physicians to undergo professional training of their interests and patients are guaranteed specialized care. The equation has always been medical institutions are actively treating the mass while individuals are passively sorting after doctors for advice.

Shiroi Kyoto or the ivory tower, a term coined by Japanese writer Toyoko Yamasaki in the 60s, was once used to describe the juxtaposition of doctors and gods because of the power and skills they have to determine the life and death of a person. However, technology is gradually diluting this ivory tower and the formidable status of medical professionals.

As soon as a centralized electronic medical record (EMR) system is in place, a patient’s medical information will no longer be scattered between different physicians. A connected system will mend the feedback loophole and hopefully, patients will no longer have to wait extended hours for a few minutes consultation with their doctors.

Mobile phones and wearable devices are offering more ways to quantify information about our health and at the same time, precision medicine is venturing into the use of personal data to generate targeted treatments. Ideally, a concrete policy will be in place for people to legally own their medical and health data.

Indeed, an aging population, rising cost of healthcare and how to effectively turn data into action information are still troubling the system. Nevertheless, the digital age is decentralizing our healthcare. At the end of the day, perhaps the dystopic future which awaits us, is not to visit a robot doctor but we ourselves armed with our own medical information and analyses, and approach a doctor to execute certain treatments we already have in mind.

Before that day, and perhaps a new ivory tower of healthcare arrives, experts are gathering to share their views on the up and coming of AI med sector.

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Session Focus: AI in medicine: current state and overview

When: Thursday, December 13th 2018 (08.00-09.00)

A 60-minute morning session to refresh the impacts of AI on our healthcare system and its impact on medical professionals and patients in near future.

Attendees will gain the following knowledge:

Learn about the present AI med trends and how will they develop in the coming years.  

Review the present policy, what should be done to ensure a better healthcare system but not undermine the roles of medical professionals?

Insight into some of the recent AI med startups and collaborations, a chance to find out how you can get your own AI med idea going.

Benefit from a dynamic discussions with experts and attendees.


Anthony Chang, AI Med Founder & Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer, CHOC, USA

Fran Ayalasomayajula, Global Healthcare Solutions, HP, USA

Kevin Lyman, CEO, Enlitic, USA

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