ABSTRACT: As we approach the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, artificial intelligence (AI) is a subject of intense interest and discussion among radiologists in the U.S. and around the world, and the benefits and abilities of multi-organ image interpretation with AI will be a hot topic at this year’s event.

Some AI algorithms have already set historic records for automating some aspects of medical imaging in looking at head scans, eye scans, and wrist scans.

But the broader goal of this self-learning technology and the true potential for widespread implementation in radiology and imaging more generally is not yet at hand.

AI systems which can help imaging professionals to be faster and more accurate in their current workloads are the short-term promise of AI, and multiple studies have created realistic hopes for this to be achieved and benefit clinicians around the world.

The short-term benefit of this goal will be greater accuracy and outcomes for patients, but also a noticeable improvement in the working life of imaging professionals, a remove of burden of routine tasks which can help to tackle clinician burnout.

The longer term aim however must be to move beyond limited, narrow applications of this transformative technology and develop algorithms capable of viewing a multitude of organs in a whole-body scan. This would cut down on the number of missed tumors, abnormalities and other potentially life-threatening complications which are possibly missed by human radiologists.

Siemens Healthineers is currently developing software platforms that integrate many of different types of algorithms for assisted multi-organ image interpretation.

An AI system which spans multiple organs could truly benefit, for example, examination of cardiopulmonary diseases and ensure incidental findings are less likely to be missed.

The ability for multi-organ image interpretation will be tangible in healthcare sooner than we expect, and this will take us to the next key milestone in the development of AI for imaging – complete, whole-body image analysis with AI.

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