The key lies in data: artificial intelligence feed on data, to learn, to process and eventually, to make sound decisions which mimic those like human. Medical data is not easy to come by and partnering with medical institutions becomes inevitable.

However, since there is no centralized electronic medical record (EMR) system at the moment, most of the obtained data may not realize the full potential of AI in the sector. As there is no regulation to render patients, rights to own their electronic medical records, it’s foresee that the development of AI will face an immense challenge in near future, especially if patients have the full rights to how their data should be employed.

Furthermore, medical institution provides a natural platform to test out related innovations. Ultimately, adopting a new technology means to see it enhancing present efficiency while cutting down on expenses. It defeats the purpose if new technology does not work well at where it was designed to be.

AI medicine is a conglomeration of creativity and precision so partnerships ensure the right talents are in the pool. For more, let’s hear the experts’ views on the importance of finding the right ones in AI medicine.

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Session Focus: Key Partnerships in AI in Medicine

When: Friday, December 14th 2018 (09.00-09.45)

A session to highlight significant partnerships in AI medicine and their impacts on the industry.

Attendees will gain the following knowledge:

Insight into the meaningful partnerships in AI medicine and factors contributing to the alliances.

Benefit from the lessons deriving from each partnership and how to make the best out of every opportunity.  

Discover the kinds of partnerships tech tycoons made and their considerations.  

Revise some of the significant industrial partnerships thus far and the outcomes.


Daniel Kraft, Chair for Medicine & Neuroscience, Singularity University and Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine, USA

Bella Zaghi, Senior Data System/Report Analyst, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, USA

Dale Van Demark, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery LLP, USA

Allison Kumar, CEO/Principle Consultant, Arina Consulting LLC, USA

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