Genetisis is a clinical stage medical device company, using cardiac magnetic fields to optimise triage of acute myocardial ischemia. They were also the winners of the AIMed 2017 Shark Tank Competition.


Founded by the current CEO, CTO and COO straight after high school. Unburdened by experience and preconceptions, they were able to try things in a new way.



“We make biomagnetic devices and artificial intelligence driven software that enable healthcare professionals with new, smarter analysis tools to improve patient outcomes and minimize clinical inefficiencies”

genetisis startup profile

Problem they are trying to solve:

10 million Americans suffer from chest pain every year in the United States and diagnosing whether it is cardiac in nature is an issue, with current methods taking too much time and providing unreliable results.

Genetisis created the Genetisis Faraday, a first of its kind, full-stack biomagenetic imaging device that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose in a quick scan.

What they offer:

  • Physical Genetisis Faraday scanner device, which performs the scan and collects data.
  • Software platform where the data and analytics can be viewed.

What they do differently:

  • Non-invasive, and measurements can be taken passively, at rest.
  • Test can be done in a very short space of time (60-90 seconds).
  • Can be operated by almost any hospital personnel. Essentially “point and shoot”.
  • No radiation or other harmful emissions.

Most impressive results:

Early clinical trials say their method rivals the most popular forms of testing in use today: echocardiogram and SPECT scans.

How long does the device take to install?

Usually a few days, as the scanner is large. The device takes up 20ft x 6ft x 6ft.

Where will they sell to?

  • Hospitals
  • Primary care
  • Physician’s Office


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia

Based: Cincinnati, Ohio

Funds raised in seed: $2 million

Awards: $375 thousand Nvidia Inception Award 2017

Patient data: 300 – 350

Below video is the full AIMed 2017 Shark Tank competition. You can access all the videos from AIMed 2017 here.