Microsoft is investing $1 billion in a partnership with OpenAI, a company co-founded by Elon Musk, to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI) and advanced software that has the intellectual capabilities comparable, if not superior, to human beings.

Microsoft will become OpenAI’s primary partner to collaboratively build and commercialize supercomputing software and hardware technologies for Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service.

The partnership is built on the companies’ shared principles on ethics and trust, to create a foundation for artificial intelligence to advance in “a safe, secure and trustworthy way”. OpenAI Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman said, “Our mission is to ensure that AGI technology benefits all of humanity. We believe it’s crucial that AGIis deployed safely and securely and that its economic benefits are widely distributed”.

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella added, “By bringing together OpenAI’s breakthrough technology with new Azure AI supercomputing technologies, our ambition is to democratize AI – while always keeping AI safety front and center – so everyone can benefit”.