A recent survey by Baltimore-based healthcare research firm Olive and Sage Growth Partners, found that only 50% of the US hospital leaders interviewed said they were familiar with the concept of AI or Robotic Process Automation (RPA). More than half of them were unable to name at least one AI or RPA vendor. Despite that, 23% said they were currently looking to invest in AI/RPA while half of them plan to do so by 2021. The survey also found that familiarity and understanding of new technologies impacts decision-making and adoption. Those who are familiar with AI or RPA are twice as likely to implement them to overcome workflow challenges.

Purchasing approaches were also found to differ. 43% of the respondents said they would prefer to engage in external companies to build, deliver and support automations; 26% said they would choose a platform themselves and hire consultants to build the solutions. While 18% preferred
to have their employees build the solution, and 13% would hire consultants to both choose and build the technology.