“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.”

Albert Einstein

With the holidays quickly coming, even the most dedicated artificial intelligence devotees amongst us would like to read about artificial intelligence in perhaps a more light-hearted manner. Marcus du Sautoy, the Oxford mathematician-author of The Music of the Primes, explores the future of our collective creativity in this era of artificial intelligence in this masterpiece.

The central theme that du Sautoy proposes in his book The Creativity Code: Art and Innovation in the Age of AI is that artificial intelligence with its variety of tools is capable of increasing creativity in humans. The now well-known 37th move of the 2nd game of the Go tournament between Lee Sedol and AlphaGo the AI tool is perhaps a watershed of the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. Some feel that this very strategic move was reflective of a new type of creativity from artificial intelligence, and that Lee Sedol somehow learned or was inspired from this novel move to win the fourth game.

According to du Sautoy, even the most creative artists have patterns and structure behind their works, thus this artistic creativity can be studied from a mathematical perspective. In addition, there is also exploratory creativity, which goes beyond the rules of a game or situation like the aforementioned strategic Go game move. Finally, there is combinatorial creativity that combines two or more areas or disciplines to stimulate new ideas that is reflective of this union. Artificial intelligence, du Sautoy argues, has different challenges with all three types of creativity but can be an important dimension to all three in the future.

This book has a wonderful portfolio of examples of how artificial intelligence can be an influence to expand our human creative domains. If you have an affinity for both the arts and artificial intelligence (interesting that the word “artificial” has the word “art” embedded in it), and enjoy reading about creativity, this book is a rare find that intersects all three domains and is a treasure of a read. As artificial intelligence evolves, perhaps someday this creativity code will be a convolution between artificial intelligence an humans for the better for all of us.

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