AI Champions

International bright young star

Farah Shamout, Assistant Professor Emerging Scholar in Computer Engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi, on her meteoric rise, and how the death of three family members inspired her to use technology to improve healthcare

4 minute read

Leading by example

Angela Yochem, EVP at Novant Health, the meaning of community for female leaders, and why we need to tell young women that "doing the hard stuff is super fun and interesting

9 minute read

There’s a shift in healthcare

Exponential AI COO Nikhil Mendhi talks transformation, innovation, and the implementation of artificial intelligence across healthcare payer and provider organizations.

5 minute read

You have to do it for love.

Dr. Terence Sanger, renowned neurologist and chief scientific officer at Children's Hospital of Orange County opens up on a lifetime’s work and the challenges still to come

5 minute read

The value of AI in population health

Dr Liana Romero reflects on her background in clinical biochemistry and public health epidemiology, her work on AI for clinical decision support, and the challenges of implementation and return on investment for AI in healthcare.

5 minute read

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