The AIMed-NHS AI Lab virtual conference is taking place now. Early on, UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock opened the event calling the NHS artificial intelligence (AI) effort is an “agenda on the move”.

He said the NHS AI lab was set up “to drive forward the high-quality use of data”; “engage with all those inside and outside of the NHS” who want to bring the technology to save and improve lives. He acknowledged we are going through an extraordinary time at the moment due to COVID-19 pandemic but it has also advanced the development and use of technology, particularly in regulation improvement and the way NHS is treating its data in search for possible remedies.

Hancock believes the attention now should be on the opportunities brought about by health technology. He cited the use of telemedicine has probably “gone mainstream” with a dramatic rise now around 50% of GP appointments are conducted remotely. Likewise, the use of data to understand the novel coronavirus and he believed NHS will publish more data as the global health crisis evolved.

On the scientific end, Hancock added NHS will support the ecosystem to build on existing knowledge because NHS “has this enormously rich data source” and a combination of clinical data and genomic data across the population if made available to look for insights.

“I am absolutely convinced that there’s much further we can go for this agenda. We can improve the high-quality access to data for improving lives; we can support more the research objectives, and we can have better integration between the NHS and entrepreneurs who can spot opportunities who improve and save lives. That’s our mission”.

Last summer, NHS received a £250 million boost to set up a new National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory. The funding is believed to be part of an ongoing plan to make NHS a world leader in AI. Stay tune for more information on how AI and NHS are changing the realm of medicine and healthcare.


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