“Doctors who do not understand AI or robots may be replaced by doctors who do.”

There is ongoing unrest amongst some healthcare professional, particularly clinicians, that think their jobs may be displaced by the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and its embodiment in the form of robots. In addition, a few vocal AI entrepreneurs or experts (none of them clinicians by the way) are predicting that AI will replace doctors in the very near future.

I think these claims, albeit logical, are based on a lack of deep understanding of what clinicians actually do and an underestimation of the breadth as well as depth of their day-to-day duties and obligations as a physician. I actually think that with the exciting panoply of AI tools that are already in use (with more advances to come in the areas of virtual and augmented reality as well as embedded AI), the field of biomedicine will be even more interesting and concomitantly less burdensome. With this paradigm shift, we will have more (not less) talented and intelligent young professionals entering this noble profession during this upcoming renaissance of biomedicine.

Anthony Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, MS
Founder, AIMed
Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer
Medical Director, The Sharon Disney Lund
Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (mi3)
Children’s Hospital of Orange County