“As we recognize International Women’s Day (#IWD2019), it important to also recognize the significant gender disparity in the field of artificial intelligence.

Despite concerted efforts to address the “gender problem” by the technology industry over the past several years, inequality of female representation in its workforce remains pervasive across all fields of development but most acutely in artificial intelligence. According to the World Economic Forum’s assessment of the artificial intelligence workforce in the 2018 Gender Gap Report, only 22% of AI professionals globally are female.

As countries have begun to line up in the international race for AI dominance, we must consider the role that female leadership will have in their strategies. To that end, we are sharing an exploration of the dynamics at play in France on our blog (link to long form) today. No single country, though, can solve the issue of gender disparity and no single country should be the champion of gender equality. Rather, as AI seeks to serve the world’s population, we need to ensure that those developing the technology more accurately reflect that population.

To achieve that goal, we each have to take the initiative – as individuals, as corporate entities, philanthropic organizations, and government bodies – to encourage more female leadership and entrepreneurship in the field of artificial intelligence. And, in doing so, we are all #betterforbalance.”

Guest Blog
Ryan Triplette
Founder, Canary Global Strategic