Author: Nengyin Zhu

Status: Project Concept

According to my experience in a clinic, patients with heart disease or diabetes come to visit the physician with little data in every three to six months. Many important data are missing. Individual health is related to every human being. In this paper, I’m focused on use individual’s small data to help people improve their health. For this subject, collecting data is very important. Right now, people haven’t recorded enough daily health data to help improve their health, for example, blood pressure, body temperature, weight, height, heartbeat rate, calorie, exercises. Even though some apps, like Apple Health, have collected some daily data, but it hasn’t done any analysis and it isn’t enough. We can use more tools to collect personal health data, like wearable shoes and bracelet, to record weight, heartbeat rate, burned calories; intelligent bed to record blood pressure, sleeping time, body temperature in the different part, height, weight; intelligent refrigerator to record diet. According to a long time of recording, even lifetime, we can draw individual’s height, weight graph, standard body temperature, calories burned range, heartbeat rate range in different time of a day or different period in life. We can predict the health status of individual according to his/her historical records at any time, give suggestions to improve his/her health, or adjust dosages by their history data or diagnosed by personal doctors. Besides, a large amount of personal data can help research labs or institutions develop new medications.

We can create a central machine which collects all the data that record an individual’s health data or a family’s health data with wearable tools, smart bed, smart refrigerator, which exist already, just need to improve. We can develop an open API to connect to these devices, and collect all the data to the central machine, and a mobile application stored on the smartphone to show graphs or reports. This machine has its own storage, CPU, memory, and auto-analysis programs. In this way, people do not worry about their private data be published. They can choose to share the data with their personal doctor, contribute to research labs.

In conclusion, collect individual data is critical in healthcare. It’s a revolution that individual can easily control their health and get personalized treatment. Besides, labs can get big, solid dataset to develop new medications or treatment to help solve cancer,