This paper reviews the recent advances in a significant constituent of traditional oriental medicinal technology, called tongue diagnosis. Tongue diagnosis can be an effective, noninvasive method to perform an auxiliary diagnosis any time anywhere, which can support the global need in the primary healthcare system. This work explores the literature to evaluate the works done on the various aspects of computerized tongue diagnosis, namely preprocessing, tongue detection, segmentation, feature extraction, tongue analysis, especially in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In spite of the huge volume of work done on automatic tongue diagnosis (ATD), there is a lack of adequate survey, especially to combine it with the current diagnosis trends. This paper studies the merits, capabilities, and associated research gaps in current works on ATD systems. After exploring the algorithms used in tongue diagnosis, the current trend and global requirements in the health domain motivate us to propose a conceptual framework for the automated tongue diagnostic system on mobile-enabled platform. This framework will be able to connect tongue diagnosis with the future point-of-care health system.

Read Full Paper Here: https://bit.ly/2Lszrkw

Marzia Hoque Tania, Khin Lwin, Mohammed Alamgir Hossain. 


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