In the present era of technology, technological advancements are going on at an exponential rate leading to a rise in peer competition, stress and various psychological problems like severe depression, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia. So, there is a need for proper psychometric analysis of people so as to curb these problems. Sentiment analysis and emotional recognition have gained a lot of popularity on social networking sites but they have not been applied to the very complex field of healthcare. These two domains through psychologist, patient written text and their conversations hold great potential for advancement in both medicine and technology. This paper proposes an application of data science in health care based on the survey of various sentiments and emotional analysis methodologies. The scope of sentiment and emotional analysis in the visualization of medical records and the patient’s medical history is presented in this paper. So, an amalgamated view of data mining, data analytics and data visualization in health care has been presented.

AnneKeth Vij, Jyotika Pruthi. 

Read Full Paper Here: https://bit.ly/2EvtCkV

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