Author: Nengyin Zhu

Coauthor(s): Nengyin Zhu

Status: Project Concept

In this era, more new technology innovated to change our traditional life. For instance, Amazon Echo or Google Home to make orders for the machine, Tesla to drive car automatically, Alpha Zero to playing chess with human beings. We utilize living facilities, with computers and data in every domain to solve problems, to make our life more convenient and personalized.

In healthcare, tracing patients to collect data and remind patients the medicine schedule is hard. How to change this situation? We can make an intelligent bracelet for patients. It can collect patients’ health data, like the heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature, use automatic speech recognition to get patients’ command and remind patients of their scheduler. For instance, a person diagnosed with heart disease, the doctor asks the patient to wear the waterproofed intelligent bracelet and input the treatment scheduler into the bracelet. In the following week, the bracelet collects the patient’s heartbeat, body temperature, blood pressure every five minutes; remind the patient to eat medicine at every 9:00am and 9:00pm and get the feedback from patient, if the patient feedback that he eats the medicine, the status is done otherwise remind him again in half an hour; and alert the patient to slow down if his heartbeat or blood pressure is out of regular range while doing exercises. After one week, when the patient goes back to visit his doctor, the doctor can see all his blood pressure trend with treatment effect, and heartbeat frequency, body temperature. In this way, the doctor can have more intuitive scenes of how the treatment affects the patient’s health, what time the patient would have high heartbeat problem, and the alert from the bracelet could help patients to adjust their body before bad things happen.

In this project, I will make sensors in the bracelet to monitor patient’s heartbeat, body temperature, and blood pressure. The bracelet also has an embedded speech recognition system, same as Amazon Echo, to interact with the patient. Besides, there is a projector in the bracelet, which can project patient’s health reports. In the back end, I will create an application on mobile phone corresponding to the bracelet, which stores all data from the bracelet, analysis patient’s health data to produce health report, and set up schedules.

In conclusion, the intelligent bracelet is a good way to tracing the patient, as it’s easy to take by patient every day. Besides, it’s alert and reminder system could help patients to follow the schedule and keep in safe range very well.