Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly moving from an experimental phase to an implementation phase in many fields, including medicine. The combination of improved availability of large datasets, increasing computing power, and advances in learning algorithms have created major performance breakthroughs in the development of AI applications. In the last 5 years, AI techniques known as deep learning have delivered rapidly improving performance in image recognition, caption generation, and speech recognitionRadiology, in particular, is a prime candidate for early adoption of these techniques. It is anticipated that the implementation of AI in radiology over the next decade will significantly improve the quality, value, and depth of radiology’s contribution to patient care and population health, and will revolutionize radiologists’ workflows. The Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) is the national voice of radiology committed to promoting the highest standards in patient-centered imaging, lifelong learning, and research. The CAR has created an AI working group with the mandate to discuss and deliberate on practice, policy, and patient care issues related to the introduction and implementation of AI in imaging. This white paper provides recommendations for the CAR derived from deliberations between members of the AI working group. This white paper on AI in radiology will inform CAR members and policymakers on key terminology, educational needs of members, research and development, partnerships, potential clinical applications, implementation, structure and governance, the role of radiologists, and potential impact of AI on radiology in Canada.

An Tang MD MSc. Roger Tam PhD. Alexandre Cadrin-Chenevert MD Bing. Will Guest MD PhD. Jaron Chong MD. Joseph Barfett, BESc MSc MD. Leonid Chepelev MD PhD. Robyn Cairns MSc MD. J. Ross Mitchell PhD. Mark D. Cicero MD BESc FRCPC. Manuel Gaudreau Poudrette MD. Jacob L. Jaremko MD PhD. Caroline Reinhold MD MSc. Benoit Gallix MD. Bruce Gray MD FRCPC. Ray m Geis MD FACR. 

Read Full Paper Here: https://bit.ly/2KrTylv

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