E. Kevin Hall, MD – Director, Pediatric Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy Program, Yale University School of Medicine

Dr. E. Kevin Hall is a pediatric cardiologist specializing in heart failure and cardiomyopathies. He attended University Hospitals Cleveland, Rainbow Babies for residency, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for fellowship, and Children’s Hospital Boston for his senior fellowship. In 2010 Dr. Hall joined the Division of Pediatric Cardiology at Yale University School of Medicine where he oversees the Pediatric Heart Failure Program and the three hundred families it serves.

Dr. Hall is an active researcher in mobile health and has travelled as far as Beijing, China to advise and assist hospitals and physicians in implementing mobile health studies and interventions. He programmed one of the first Apple ResearchKit applications, the Yale Cardiomyopathy Index, which fronts a nationwide study which he leads. He is competent in a number of programming languages and continues to work with groups across medical disciplines hoping to improve patient treatment, engagement, and outcomes. He serves on the Yale University Provost’s ITS Advisory Committee, is Senior Medical Advisor to Boston Technologies, Inc., and is a member of the Independent Advisory Board for Umana Technologies, Republic of Malta. He was invited to serve as Program Co-Chair for the 2018 IEEE/ACM Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems, and Engineering Technologies. He serves as an Associate Editor at the mobile health journal Smart Health (Elsevier).

Dr. Hall founded Archetyp Mobility archetyp.io which brings leading programmers and researchers together to create custom mobile and web-based software to foster strength in addressing and, hopefully, overcoming disease.