The ability to access, appraise, and use
information is critical in contemporary
medicine. At Rocky Vista University College
of Osteopathic Medicine, first-year medical
students develop these skills in a medical
informatics course that is team-taught by
clinicians, scientists, and librarians. In the
course, small-groups of students explore
representative clinical cases that require
literature searching and clinical reasoning.
The development of a quality differential
remains one of the most challenging aspects of
the course for first-year students. This study
evaluates the effect of a diagnostic reminder
system (DRS) on the development of the
differential. It is hypothesized that use of a
DRS improves quality.



Frank Ritchel Ames, PhD, Erin Wilder Palazzolo, MLIS, Brian D. Schwartz, MLIS, Keli Schmid, MLIS
Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine Health Sciences Library

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