We demonstrate how artificial intelligence through Carbon Health smart platform can augment the physician experience today.

1- Utilize an AI-assisted chat-bot to implement team documentation – by patients, nurses, and medical assistants – leading to fewer errors and a more structured data entry.

2- Use machine learning to suggest the diagnosis and appropriate level of e/m coding, medications, labs, imaging, and patient education materials based on the patient input and diagnosis.

3- Standardize chat-bot workflows for prescription refills, referrals, eligibility verification, etc. which can save time for physicians and staff.

4- Design a smart triaging system that can suggest different modalities of care depending on the complexity of the medical problem.

5- Analyze combined data from clinical encounters and integrated personal diagnostic devices to streamline the identification and management of higher risk patients.

In summary, physician fulfilment will lead to more transparent, empathetic providers and ultimately will drive a compassionate relationship with patients. The deeper rapport creates higher adherence rate, lowering the cost and improving the quality of care.



Author: Bahar Sedarati

Coauthor(s): Eren Bali, Cofounder and CE, Carbon Health Greg Burrell MD, Cofounder and Medical Director, Carbon Health

Status: Work In Progress