Author: Nina Kim

Status: Work In Progress

About 1 million ankle injuries are reported each year- 85 percent sprains. There are four majors types of ankle injuries: sprains, fractures, tendonitis, and arthritis.
Causes may be due to damage of ligaments when they are stretched beyond their normal range of motion (sprain), break in one or more bones (fractures), pain in a tendon on the inner side of the ankle (tendonitis), or damage in joint cartilage (arthritis). Recovery time may vary from 3 weeks to 12 weeks. Signs/symptoms may consist of pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising, paresthesia, possible neurovascular compromise, and/or muscle spasms which cause disturbance in daily life.

To give patients injury-prevented, quick, and painless recovery while allowing them to take part in their daily agendas.

Methods (2 paragraphs; structure and AI)
From inside-out, the brace would be made of cushion, stainless steel, thin empty space, double-wall vacuum insulation, and a strong plastic cover. Cushion would be used to keep the foot in place and give comfort. When cooling is needed for the swollen foot, cold water would be placed in the thin empty space, between the steel and double-wall vacuum. Connected to the outside of brace would be two metal bars on each side that attach to the knee brace. Children who are still growing would be able to adjust the metal bars according to their need.The knee brace, which is made up of the same materials as the ankle brace, would lock onto the knee to prevent the wearable technology from sliding up or down.
To keep pressure off the foot, springs would be attached in between the bottom of the brace and a foot-shaped, 2 centimeters thick, plastic. Within the foot-shaped plastic would be a camera/sensor. The camera/sensor would recognize what the patient is walking on (grass, cement, sand, etc.) and adjust the springs to stabilize the amount of pressure put onto the brace.

Results (1 sentence)
Work in progress..
Discussion (1 sentence of future) conclusions
With this wearable technology, most patients with ankle injuries will be able to complete their daily agendas without any limitations