MedyMatch is bringing to market a new category of medical solutions that is leveraging deep learning, machine vision, and the full richness of 3-D imaging and other relevant patient data, MedyMatch focuses on delivering patient-specific lifesaving diagnostic information directly to the physician at the patient’s bedside. By improving critical diagnostics within the acute care setting, MedyMatch is committed to improving patient outcomes – while achieving cost reductions that will cascade throughout the entire healthcare system.
The MedyMatch AI platform MedyMatch has engineered facilitates “Patient Specific, AI enabled, Decision Support” that is designed to concurrently consider all types of imaging data with the corresponding EMR data. This platform could be applied to many imaging centric diseases. MedyMatch works with a wide range of industry partners and data sources including healthcare providers, and academic institutions to develop its decision support applications. MedyMatch’s solutions integrate seamlessly into existing healthcare infrastructure by leveraging existing information system capability without disruption to workflow. Our applications can communicate with third party PACS/RIS, image viewers and image storage systems. MedyMatch’s applications can be utilized for:

• Patient Triage – prioritization of the cases to be reviewed
• Patient Facing / Real Time Clinical Decision Support – ‘second set of eyes’ for the physician

This presentation will focus on MedyMatch’s achievements in Clinical Decision Support in the Emergency Room. With a focus on:

(1) Leveraging advanced techniques in AI to yield unprecedented insights into unstructured medical data with a particular focus in the area of raw medical imaging. It is our core belief that AI, in conjunction with deep clinical insights, enables us to discover new relationships heretofore undetected by the human eye.

(2) Clinical decision support applications into the course of patient care. Delivering quality care decision support creates capacity with improved patient outcomes by quickly assessing the patient and deflecting misdiagnosis and the associated long-term care and costs. The capacity realized in cost savings and correctly identifying the ‘right data’ within big data sets can give each physician the chance to become a life-saving expert, every time.

About the Speaker:
Michael Rosenberg, Chief Commercial & Financial Officer / co-Founder is a senior executive with 23+ years of international business development, finance and commercial legal experience. Michael passionately believes in the AI revolution happening in healthcare and is relentless in his drive to advance AI through strategic partner/customer eng

agements. As a serial entrepreneur, Michael has led several ‘startup to exit’ ventures, including one M&A and two IPOs. He is an active advisor to several technology companies in the U.S., Israel and Japan, and has spoken at several conferences, most recently at HealthXL 2016 – Singapore, IATI Biomed 2016, 2017 MDDMI Conference, Berlin European Digital Health 2017 and the Advanced Treatments in Neuro Therapeutics 2017. IN addition, Michael has been interviewed by several live news channels as well as interviewed thoroughly in the press. Michael received his B.A. in Economics from Yeshiva University, New York 1993.


Author: Michael Rosenberg

Status: Work In Progress