Adding Value with AI in Medical Imaging. 

In the next five to 10 years, artificial intelligence is likely to fundamentally transform diagnostic imaging. Although intelligent algorithms have been used for some time in segments of the imaging field, new methods of machine learning, based particularly on “deep learning”, are much more powerful. According to pilot studies, they offer concrete prospects for quantitative, standardized imaging and reporting that is, at the same time, personalized.

AI will not by any means replace radiologists – rather it will provide them with tools to meet the rising demand for diagnostic imaging and actively shape the transformation of radiology into a data-driven research discipline. AI algorithms are expected to help speed up clinical workflows, prevent diagnostic errors and reduce missed billing opportunities, thus enabling sustained productivity increases. Above all, methods of artificial intelligence could lead to more precise results and more meaningful prognostic risk scores, and integrate diagnostic radiology even more into outcome-oriented clinical decision-making.


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