Nori is an artificial chatbot to coach people that live with a chronic disease, to analyze and improve their lifestyle and make them feel healthier and happier.

Nori is not a doctor. She does not ever provide medical advice or any sort of diagnosis. The aim is to analyze and improve lifestyle choices that have an impact on the severity of the chronic disease, like food, activities, drinks, and other lifestyle habits.

Nori will check in with the user on a regular basis. Based on the characteristics of the user, the check ins will be done more or less often. For example: when a user is intensively tracking the protein intake, Nori will check in everyday to ask for the ingredients of the user’s dinners. If a user is focusing on trying to walk for 8 hours every week, Nori will check in on a weekly basis. This is a dynamic that will change over time as well; some weeks there can be a daily check-in, with other weeks having a weekly check-in.

– Nori helps you to have a better quality of life: Have regular talks, simply through the app.

– It can be hard to challenge this on your own: Set for personal lifestyle changes that have immediate impact.

– Get unlimited personal guidance: Because you need more care than just medical care.

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Author: Roeland Pater

Status: Work In Progress

Funding Acknowledgment: Actively raising seed funding.