PainQx (PQX) is a Philadelphia-based diagnostic/software company that has developed a next generation approach to measure pain in humans objectively. The PainQx platform achieves this by assessing neural activity from a patient’s brain and processing and decoding the data through proprietary algorithms. The output is a scaled pain biomarker that is correlated to a patient’s pain state. The PainQx system is currently being used as a clinical assessment tool by companies using pain as a primary or secondary endpoint to measure their drug’s and/or device’s efficacy.

Currently, physicians rely on subjective pain scales such as the visual analog scale (VAS). The VAS requires patients to verbalize their pain levels on a scale from 0-10. Behavioral markers gauge non-verbal pain patients. Subjective measurement leads to an inaccurate assessment of a patient’s pain state at baseline and follow-up leading to uncertainty inappropriate treatment options and dosage; resulting in the over/under treatment of patients.

The PQX platform is a SaaS model using mobile, low-cost quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG) to provide an objective, accurate measurement of pain thru cloud-based software, delivered to the clinical environment on a pay-per-use or subscription basis. All hardware inputs are inexpensive, lightweight, off-the-shelf ready, requiring no development from PainQx providing significant clinical utility and ease of use PainQx’s long-term exclusive license to the NYU Brain Research Normative Database (BRND) for the use in pain is our unfair advantage. The BRND the world’s largest data set of neural activity representing 20,000 patients and collected over 30 years. PainQx can reference this dataset and compare chronic pain patients to it. Without access to the BRND, it is impossible to identify abnormal brain activity as normal is left “undefined.”

PainQx has an exclusive, world wide, long term license to all the patents and associated IP related to the PainQx platform and pain assessment owned by NYU, most notably the NYU Normative Database. The license also contains 4 patents which have been issued in the US, Japan, and China and pending in Canada and Europe.

Building on the initial foundation of clinical trial support for biotech/ med-tech companies developing pain therapies and interventions, the long-term goal of PainQx is for the PainQx platform to be used by chronic pain physicians’, hospitals, and nursing homes across the world as a tool to objectively measure pain in patients. A unique opportunity presents itself for PainQx to capture, collect, and monetize the world’s first and only objective pain data set for value based medicine stats/ ACO model, and predictive analytics as a new standard of care.


Author: Frank Minella

Status: Completed Work

Funding Acknowledgment: PainQx has raised $1M from Mid Atlantic Bio Angels, Arizona Tech Investors, Accelerate NY, NYU Innovations, and NY Angels