Author: Michael Alam

Status: Work In Progress

Funding Acknowledgment: Self funded by founders

“Informed Consent is more than a legal doctrine, it is a trap for the unwary practitioner.” Based on consistent concerns and comments we have heard from surgeons, doctors, informatics, HIMs that paper-based consent is messy, cause delays in OR, not providing clear Risks, Benefits, Alternatives and other issues, AgileConsent (, architected a SW platform that is all digital, Paper-Less and delighting both patients and surgeons. Our flagship product, Agile Consent, eliminates paper 100%, fully automated, Mobile-enabled and fully integrated into the EMRs. It is real time integration (no HL7), no switching of the apps, runs fully on a Tablet or fully from within EMR, so you can start the consent inside Surginet/ PowerChart and finished on your Tablet, no PHI replication or open individual patient’s chart. Any time a surgeon opens his or hers EMR in daily bases, there are no additional signing –in to Consent. AgileConsent will be open with a click. Once ready to consent a patient, AgileConsent integrated SW will be able to capture all the patient’s information (name, MRN, DOB), date of procedure, OR Room #, time of procedure, name of Surgeons, etc. All the informations are all there clearly and readable (no confusion from patient not been able to read doctor’s hand writing): Risks, Benefits, Alternatives, Laterality. Because our solution works within EMR, it is Time-Tracked and “discover-able” , as with paper, notes written after patient interaction miss the “Time” of the interaction and suggest inaccurate or false information.

We have already deployed our solution at a large hospital. At this hospital, everyday, Surgeries, Anesthesia are performed based on AgileConsent, SW Informed Consent solution.