Author: Aylin Mojica

Status: Project Concept

Millions of people suffer from seizures around the world. Most people lack an appropriate monitoring to get the right treatment. One of the main causes of such problem is the long waiting time for in between appointments which leads to the lack of exchange of important and accurate information between patient and doctor that can aid in determining the proper treatment the patient needs. The development of a wireless EEG in combination with a smart software will aid in the appropriate treatment of patients that suffer from seizures. This wearable- wireless EEG sensor will be able to track the brain activity of the patient and will be able to notify the doctor of any abnormal brain activities right away. When an abnormal brain activity is detected the sensor will record the duration of the seizure along with other basic information such as the date and time and other readings such as pulse and temperature of the patient. The sensor will be able to alert the patient and will ask the patient to input answers to important questions such as activities that were done before and during the abnormal brain activity and will be recorded and accessible at the time of the next appointment allowing the doctor to give a more accurate evaluation to the patient. The software will also recommend the doctor a new date of appointment if the patient requires a closer date of appointment than the one scheduled based on the data that is being acquired. Another feature of the device will be that in case of extreme abnormal brain activity and for extremely long seizures the sensor will be able to communicate and alert local paramedics of the situation, the patient would also have the option to use a rapid emergency dial in case of an emergency through their phone. With this technology the main purpose is for doctors to have the proper and most accurate information for the best evaluation and administration of the ideal medication for the individual patient.