In Sweden, several clusters of prominent researchers in the fields of AI and quantum technology are now receiving substantial funding to accelerate the development of quantum technology in the country.

The project I-AID (Integrated AI Diagnostics) aims to accelerate the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare. I-AID should contribute to safe and fast diagnostics, a more effective use of resources and a more equal healthcare. The project is a regional effort managed by Karolinska University Hospital and Region Stockholm.

The development and application of artificial intelligence is a priority for the government and the focus of the National Innovation Council. Sweden’s AI ambitions are high but one of the greatest chal- lenges is the skills deficit. This is why the Government is engaging in an active dialogue on the issues and taking initiatives to support development.

For over 20 years, Dr Guttmann has been researching Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm. Through entrepreneurship and innovation, he con- tributes greatly to the positive societal and economic impact made here.

With its disease registries, electronic records and plenty of real-world data (RWD), Sweden has been labelled a ‘data gold mine’ for healthcare. The Agency for Innovation (Vinnova) is also funding several collaborative projects between industry and academia, lately with a focus on healthcare.

Key initiatives

1. KAROLINSKA UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, STOCKHOLM university-hospital/Innovation/i-aid/

The I-AID project will address a number of fundamental aspects for the development, implementation and utilization of AI decision support systems in clinical practise. The project will also carry out a number of clinical use cases in close collaboration with external AI developers. The goal is to implement CE marked AI tools in clinical practice, showing positive effects on healthcare delivery KPIs, and to generate businesses on a global market.


A Swedish startup that sells a ‘smart wristband’ to help care for the elderly and has raised over £7.5m so far. An e-health system designed to improve the quality of life for the elderly and provide peace of mind for relatives and caregivers. The hardware is a wristband packed full of sensors and the AI monitors the wearer’s behaviour so as to alert caregivers of any potential issues such as trips or falls, alterations in eating habits and changes in sleep behaviour. Designed in cooperation with Skellefteå Municipality. In 2016, partnered with leading Swedish healthcare provider, Aleris, to develop and refine its product. It is now used by the company’s elderly clients.


Lead AIDA project promoting research and innovation within artificial intelligence and medical image analysis, with the goal of improving healthcare. Project includes seven hospitals, five academic institutions, one major company and four small companies.  AIDA is part of the national Strategic Innovation Program Medtech4Health, a joint initiative by VINNOVA, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.

4. BYON8

A Swedish med-tech company, providing the next generation of healthcare: Neo Health. Healthcare ecosystem where several smart and digital solutions interact with each other.


An AI company with focus on chronic disease management, collaborating with partners in bringing game- changing, innovative and cost- efficient solutions to patients. Now associated with Centers for Dialysis Care working towards revolutionising dialysis treatments. Lytics’ AI solutions help the company select patients for preventive interventions.


Stockholm based healthtech startup raised over £9m to fuel AI-development. Next step is to develop transformative AI-systems to analyse medical images, text and data. Providing 750 000 patients at 83 primary care units in Sweden with the solutions from Doctrin.