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Tim Caynes

Principal Designer at Foolproof

Seems the most likely immediate impact will be in self care (already happening of course) and in care for later life. I’ve worked on the latter, as part of a provision for carers through employee benefits services, but also work with companies optimising surgical planning and procedures through machine learning and the application of intelligent systems. big players (ibm, google) are bartering for EHR opportunities (and ownership of how Ai enables dramatic patient experience improvements there) but it feels like a high-level understanding of where Ai is currently having an effect at the point of service delivery would be a good place to start.


Indra Joshi

Digital Health and AI Clinical Lead (NHS England)

Build the narrative. Some clinicians are great at talking to citizens and patients on a level they understand and can relate to. Teach them skills to understand how and why the answer they are looking for has been deciphered (whatever the technology). I often explain to my patient the reasoning as to why a certain investigation or treatment isn’t needed right now in the ED, this takes much more time and skill than the actual diagnosis. For e.g they have certain symptoms so treating with antibiotics first line may not be the best treatment. If a ML CDSS gave me that answer that needs a narrative that people can digest. People need explanations and reasoning. Clinicians are a great link, empower them to build that narrative.


Silja Litvin

Psychologist and Founder of PsycApps, Digital Mental Health

I think keeping up-to-date is one of the most important ‘skills’ for now: most clinicians aren’t very tech-savvy and have no idea how AI can help. A course once a year would be important.



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Basic definitions of data governance, machine learning, interpretability, universal model performance & oh some python would help


social media artificial intelligenceJan Beger‏ @janbeger

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Please see here: WDYT?

Top 21st century skills for doctors:
* #DataScience/ #Analytics
* #DigitalMindset/ understanding
* Collaborative/ communicative skills
* Problem solving skills