“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker, Austrian American management consultant


Last week, I listed 5 predictions on AI in healthcare for this coming year. Here are another 5 predictions, not in any particular order:

  1. We will see the first cohort of chief intelligence or chief AI officers in health systems. President Biden has in his Executive Order on AI to have governmental agencies each name a Chief AI Officer, so we may see an influence on the health ecosystem. Whether we have enough educated personnel and just how qualified these candidates to take on these roles are remain to be seen.
  2. With increasing wearable devices in healthcare, we will see embedded AI or at least AI capability to be more coupled to these devices. With chronic diseases so prevalent around the world with less access to healthcare, digital health and more intelligence are needed more than ever to deliver adequate healthcare. 
  3. We will see a relatively slow process of including regulation in healthcare AI. While the Executive Order placed emphasis on regulating AI in healthcare, the challenge is just how to execute this regulation in such a difficult domain in terms of defining what would be failure to comply to any standard (that will be difficult to agree on by stakeholders).
  4. We will see early discussions on copy rights in medical textbooks and journal manuscripts. In the age of ChatGPT and other LLMs, scholars and publishers as well as clinicians and patients will need to grapple with copy rights vs contributions to societal good in healthcare, especially in the context of published materials such as medical textbooks and journal articles.
  5. Incorporating artificial intelligence into all versions of extended reality tools in healthcare. Artificial intelligence can add an important learning dimension to all modalities of extended reality (virtual, augmented, and hybrid), and this enabling dimension is particularly important in medical education and clinical training as well as patient education.

The developments (or lack of) with these predictions and trends will be more obvious at the in-person Ai-Med Global Summit 2024 scheduled for May 29-31, 2024 in Orlando, Florida. Book your place now!