Vimla Patel and Ted Shortliffe, co-chairs of the 2022 abstract competition taking place at the AIMed Global Summit, share their hopes for the session, offering advice for potential applicants as well as a preview of their joint keynote talk.

It has been two whole years since AIMed’s last Global Summit! What most excites you about the prospect of returning to Laguna Beach?

Although the setting is of course beautiful and relaxing, we are especially pleased to be returning for an in-person reprise of this stimulating and somewhat unusual meeting. It brings together a marvelous mix of practitioners and AI scientists with dynamic interchanges among them. The format is also highly interactive – not just a bunch of PowerPoint talks. The field is moving rapidly and we look forward to an annual update such as this.

We are delighted to have you co-chairing the abstract competition at the Summit, which is always a highlight of the meeting. What are your hopes for the session?

We very much enjoyed the abstract competition in 2020 and were impressed by both the quality of presentations and the innovations that were described. We hope that the energy and enthusiasm will continue – and ideally even be enhanced – in the 2022 meeting.

With the potential for accepted abstracts to be published in Dr Chang’s Intelligence-Based Medicine journal, competition is sure to be fierce. What advice would you give to potential applicants?

It would be wonderful to see some of the top work from the abstract competition lead to high quality publications in a major journal such as IBM. The key judging criteria will no doubt be how well the work is described, with an emphasis on the motivation, the innovative aspects, and the “lessons learned” that others can adopt or otherwise capitalize upon in their own work. We look for more than descriptions of applications. What problems or challenges required innovative methods or led to novel insights and how might they generalize beyond the specific task that motivated the presenter’s work?

You are also delivering a keynote session together at the Summit. What have you got planned for that?

We will be discussing the synergies between human beings, with their own intelligence, and the role of AI-based decision aids. Our emphasis will be on certain aspects of human intelligence that need to be modeled in clinical AI systems. We believe that such abilities must be reflected in how machines interact with users and that they in turn define the determinants of acceptability, such as explainability of computer-based interpretations of data and situations.

Vimla Patel and Ted Shortliffe are co-chairs of the abstract competition taking place at AIMed’s Global Summit in Laguna Beach, CA, from 18 to 20 January 2022.

Winning abstracts will receive a refund on their ticket plus a $500 prize, as well as potential publication in the Intelligence-Based Medicine journal.

The closing date is December 20, 2021, so apply now!