A leading UK private teleradiology company, 4ways Healthcare, has announced that it is rolling out an AI radiology solution across its urgent reporting services to further enhance patient safety, reporting accuracy and clinical outcomes.

Processing studies in the background of the radiology workflow, Aidoc’s Always-on artificial intelligence algorithms automatically detect and alert radiologists of potential medical conditions in minutes, allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment.

“Patient safety is at the core of what we do and adopting this cutting edge AI technology is part of our ongoing commitment to the highest quality standards in our reporting,” said Dr. David Grant, Lead, AI and Emerging Technologies at 4ways.

“As well as being a safety net to our out-of-hours reporters, Aidoc’s tools augments their substantial skill and experience and will ultimately help them to save lives.”

4ways provides routine elective and urgent radiology reporting services through its panel of over 250 UK based consultant radiologists to over 70 NHS Trusts and numerous private organisations across the UK.

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust is the first of 4ways’ clients to benefit from the introduction of these AI tools. Dr.Roshdy Guirguis, Lead Consultant Radiologist at West Suffolk Hospital said: “As we start to look beyond COVID-19, our attention is shifting to the secondary impacts of the pandemic with the looming backlog of patients, missed appointments and Health Checks. These AI tools could help to save the lives of patients presenting at advanced stages of cardiovascular diseases that are being increasingly seen in ED & acute reporting such as strokes.”

Aidoc’s Always-on AI solutions help to detect acute abnormalities by automatically highlighting them directly in the radiology workflow, expediting patient treatment and improving quality of care. The company has industry-leading 6 FDA clearances and 9 CE marks for life-threatening pathologies and is used in over 500 medical centers worldwide.

Aidoc’s impact on efficiency and positive patient outcomes has been proven across various facilities including a reduction of 36.6% in turnaround time, 2.8-day reduction in inpatient length stay and 10.4% reduction in ED length of stay. Extensive trial runs on 4ways datasets have shown high levels of accuracy and ease of use.