Dr. Anthony Chang due to speak at MIT Technology Review’s prestigious virtual conference in June


AIMed founder Dr. Anthony Chang has been invited to speak at EmTech Next, MIT Technology Review’s annual future of work conference in June.

The renowned virtual conference, partnered by Harvard Business Review, brings together the most influential leaders to explore the technologies driving business and their impact on the market, strategies and the workforce.

Experts from Amazon, Cisco, Google, Merck and the World Economic Forum will also be attending to discuss the technologies reshaping business and leadership as we head back to work, but not back to normal.

Dr. Chang will join virtually in a segment on The Future of Productivity during Day 3. Specifically, as part of the larger discussion, he will be part of a two person panel, alongside Aashima Gupta, Director of Global Healthcare Solutions at Google Cloud, that will focus on how technology can help to increase productivity within the healthcare and medical profession.

The event, hosted online on June 8-10, will examine technology and leadership in today’s real-time environment of disruption, providing new insights into strategies for the new work and new opportunities brought forth by innovation.

Featuring live presentations, interactive Q&A sessions, and expert-led master classes, the program offers a thought-provoking and networking-rich forum.

The agenda will address:

  • Day 1: Leadership. What does it take to lead in a world driven by technology, striving for social responsibility, and desperate for diversity, equity, and inclusion? How do leaders lead, keeping us on mission, when the world itself is in crisis?
  • Day 2: Workforce. The shift to a digitally transformed workforce happened overnight. How do organizations transition from surviving to thriving? What tools, infrastructure, and skills are essential to foster an agile, effective workforce?
  • Day 3: Technology. Technology is driving the work of the future. How can we measure the true value of productivity both gained and lost? How should organizations embrace new tools that are transforming business? And how is technology reshaping the workplace itself?

Full details of the event, including how to register, can be found here